Acne Alert Videos

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Myth or Fact? Diet or food choices can lead to acne
Adolescents with acne at higher risk for depression
Acne affects 91% of 15 to 25-year-olds
Untreated acne can lead to long-term scarring
Over exposure to the sun can irritate and worsen acne
Myth or Fact? Toothpaste dries out and heals pimples
50% of teens say acne is the most difficult aspect of puberty
Heavy, greasy cosmetic products can worsen teen acne
Popping pimples can lead to permanent scarring
Higher cortisol from stress potentially linked to acne
Hairstyling products can worsen pimples
Adolescent males more prone to severe acne
Myth or Fact: Application of first menses on the face can prevent pimples
Better blood flow from exercise helps promote skin health
Acne can run in the family due to similarities in physiology
Teens also suffer from body acne and it can cause scarring if untreated
Acne can effect a person's self-image and self-esteem
Psychological impact of acne can limit a teen's career choices
Too frequent face washing can worsen acne
Acne can lead to poor self-image and social withdrawal