Effective Ways to Treat Acne

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Clean your face without over-scrubbing.

To help prevent excessive oil buildup, wash your face with warm water and mild cleanser once in the morning, once in the evening, and after heavy exercise. Avoid hard scrubbing or over-scrubbing your skin, which can leave your pores more vulnerable.

Avoid touching your face

Sometimes stress causes people to rest their face in their hands, or worse, pick at their skin and acne. Dirt and oil (carrying potentially harmful germs) can transfer from the hands to aggravate acne, while picking or popping pimples can lead to scarring.

Avoid oil-heavy cosmetics or sunscreen.

When it comes to acne, oil-based facial products are not recommended. Look for cosmetics, face creams, lotions, and sunscreen that are described as "oil-free or non-comedogenic"

Wash your hair regularly.

Oil from your scalp can seep onto your forehead. Shampooing your hair daily can help to avoid this oil buildup. If you are worried about your acne, you should consult your physician or dermatologist. And remember, when it comes to dealing with acne, no one is alone. It's simply a normal part of growing up.