Exploring the World with Your Newborn

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It’s never too early to find stimulating ways to help your baby interact with the world. Through play that involves sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, you can help your baby develop important cognitive, physical, and social skills. Not to mention you’ll both have fun!

Activities at 3 Months

When your baby reaches 3 months old, she is probably reaching for objects and grasping, smiling, and turning when she hears your voice. Help keep her stimulated and learning by:

  • Reading brightly colored cardboard picture books
  • Hanging or propping a baby-proof mirror at her eye level
  • Talking to her while you’re making eye contact

Activities at 6 Months

When your baby is making those adorable sounds that only she can make, she’s actually laying the groundwork for speech later on. She’s also exploring the world through touch, so make sure to have lots of safe toys for her to explore. Also:

  • Provide toys that make fun noises, such as a bell or a rattle.
  • Blow bubbles—they’ll fascinate her.
  • Play “This Little Piggie” or peekaboo.

Activities at 9 Months

Your baby is probably crawling now, and exploring more of the world than ever before with her newfound independence. Keep her stimulated with:

  • Toys she can touch and manipulate, such as a squishy ball or a piece of fake fur
  • Blocks or other safe toys she can bang together
  • Finger foods to help her grasping and fine-motor skills

Activities at 1 Year

Your baby is probably standing alone, and may even have started walking. She’s also probably good at feeding herself with her fingers, and using some everyday items correctly. Engage her with activities such as:

  • Encouraging her to cruise, or to walk while she’s holding on to a coffee table
  • Stacking games with blocks, and emptying and filling containers
  • Water playing in the bath with colorful, floating toys and sponges

Good, Clean Fun

All this exploration as your baby grows through her milestones can be fun—and messy. Keep it clean by washing your hands before and after play with your baby. Safeguard with GermShield+ removes 99%of all germ types during washing, and keeps three of four germ types away for up to 12 hours of protection after hand washing—longer than any other antibacterial soap. For your baby, use a baby-safe soap. Safeguard with GermShield + should only be used on children 3 or older.