As a brand that advocates germ-free and protected hands, Safeguard wanted to change the handwashing habits in the Philippines. So we started a movement that encouraged Filipinos to adopt a healthy handwashing ritual. And at the heart of it was a common, unifying, cultural phenomenon – eating with hands.

Eating kamayan-style offers people a richer experience. It makes food taste better, and brings people together. Yet this way of eating has been on the wane due to concerns about hygiene and social appropriateness.

Safeguard believes that Filipinos should be able to enjoy going kamayan without worrying. Through this film, we hope to encourage more Filipinos to wash their hands regularly and go kamayan more often, safe in the knowledge that their hands are clean and protected.


We invited eight celebrities to a social experiment over a fancy dinner. The twist? They didn’t know what was in store for them: food served kamayan-style!

What started as a stiff and formal occasion became an opportunity to enjoy food and good company. And it encouraged Filipinos to wash their hands before they ate with their hands. After all, when you go kamayan, food tastes better and life becomes richer!

To further the movement, we challenged celebrities to try Filipino favourites, kamayan-style. Bianca Gonzalez versus Tito Boy. Who would do it better? Watch how they both tackled popular Filipino dishes using their hands, and find out who wins!


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