Preventing HANGINfection: How to Protect Yourself from Germs in the Air

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As we go about our daily lives, germs are everywhere. Not just in the things we grab, the people we touch, but also hanging in the air around us just waiting to land on our skin. Even if we and our kids avoid contact with dirty or germy surfaces, the air around us is a source of germs that can cause something we like to call ‘HANGINfection’ – infection from germs in the air that can bring all sorts of skin issues and common sicknesses. Good news is it’s easy to keep you and your children protected from airborne germs.

What is HANGINfection?

When we think of where we get germs from, it’s common to think of dirty surfaces or objects we touch in the different places we visit. But that’s just half the story because the truth is that the air around us is itself a carrier of germs – including bacteria, viruses, fungi that can land on our skin and cause or aggravate many kinds of skin issues.

HANGINfection is any sort of infection that we can get from exposure to germs in the air – including germs that are passed through coughing, sneezing, and pollution. And since HANGINfection is caused by germs in the air around us, we are under constant threat of infection.

What kinds of issues can HANGINfection cause?

Airborne germs can pose a variety of health risks to children such as common sicknesses, and skin issues. Germs that land on our skin in particular can cause skin allergies, itching, and even aggravate existing skin issues such as pimples, acne, and eczema.

How can we keep our families safe from HANGINfection?

In a way, germs in the air are unavoidable so the best method to prevent the threat of HANGINfection is to ensure that we and our families are constantly protected from airborne germs. Below are a few easy and sustainable ways that we can protect our families and minimize the threat of HANGINfection

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a nutritious diet and doing regular exercise helps to boost immunity against germs that threaten our health

2. Bathe regularly with an anti-bacterial soap

Bathing with a germ protection soap or body wash like Safeguard helps keep the whole body protected even against airborne germs as you go about your day

3. Wash your hands frequently with an anti-bacterial hand soap

Washing frequently gives additional protection both in and outside of the home, ensuring that you are able to wash away germs that are on your body

When it comes to HANGINfection, Safeguard is your protection. To learn more about how Safeguard’s unbeatable protection can help protect you and your family from HANGINfection, click here