How to Identify and Help Prevent Itching

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What Is Itching?

Most people have experienced itching in some form. Itching is a tingling or irritation of the skin that causes a person to want to scratch the affected area. It may occur all over the body or in one centralized location.1

What Causes Itching?

There are many causes of itching. It can be a symptom of bacterial or fungal infections, allergic reactions to irritants and insect bites, or a result of dry air and rashes. Itching can also be the side effect of more serious illnesses, such as hepatitis or kidney disease; or, it can be a reaction to medical treatments. There are even studies that prove psychological causes for why people experience itching. Still, all of these reasons only begin to scratch the surface of what causes itching. If you experience chronic itching, it’s important to discuss this condition with your doctor.

How Can Safeguard Help Prevent Itching?

There are many causes for itching that antibacterial soaps can’t help prevent, but Safeguard with GermShield+ will help fight germs that cause itching from bacterial or fungal infections better than any other soap. Whether you use foaming hand wash, body wash, or bar soap, Safeguard with GermShield+ is the only antibacterial soap that fights 3 of the 4 germ types for up to 12 hours after washing.