Ideas for Germ-Free Family Day Trips

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Exploring the world through an all-new lens can be a great way to while away an afternoon with the family. And with our tips, you’ll give your children opportunities for hands-on learning—without bringing the germs home with you.

An Afternoon at the Museum

Whether it’s an art museum, a natural history museum, or a children’s museum, you can pack a lot of learning, culture, and fun into an afternoon by exploring exhibits. You may find yourselves discovering everything from Contemporary to Neoclassic art, or fossils to mummies, or interactive exhibits of everything from our solar system to Earth’s oceans. And watch for savings. Some museums, such as the National Museum of the Philippines in Manila, offer periodic free admission.

Visit an Area Park

Pack a picnic lunch and get ready for an afternoon of hiking the trails, collecting wild flowers or fallen leaves, and taking in the views of nature’s beauty. Some parks also have a nature center on site, where the children can learn up close and hands on about area flora and fauna.

Check Out a Fire Station

Plan a visit to your local fire station—many offer a tour of the firehouse if you call ahead. The kids can learn about the firefighters’ jobs and their emergency preparedness, and get an up-close look at the fire engines. Be ready to have your visit cut short, though, if the firefighters are called to an emergency.

Visit a Working Farm or Dairy

Research your area for farms that families can tour, or visit by appointment. By visiting a working farm, your children can learn about agriculture, crop and dairy production, as well as a lifestyle and culture built around the rhythms of nature. And you may get the chance to pet everything from chickens to donkeys.

Day-trip exploration can be rewarding, but it can also bring you and your family in contact with germs and bacteria. Take some hand sanitizer along with you for quick cleanups. And wash thoroughly at home with Safeguard with GermShield+. It removes 99% of all germ types during washing, and keeps three of four germ types away for up to 12 hours of protection after hand washing—longer than any other antibacterial soap.