Learn the STEP - Easy Handwashing Skills That Kill Germs

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Clean hands can save lives, and hand washing can protect you and your children from the threats of disease-causing germs.

Teaching your kids about WHEN and HOW to properly wash their hands can help keep their health safe even when they are at school and away from you. Make it easy for them to learn and remember with a simple mnemonic and instructions below!

S.T.E.P. —Wash hands with Safeguard, after using the Toilet, before Eating, and after Playing.


-Grab Safeguard, wet it under clean running water, and lather up to make bubbles.


-Spread the lather around your hands


-Wash thoroughly, and make sure to wash every part of your hands – even under your fingernails!


-Rinse off dirt and lather with water. To remember these easy steps, watch this video of our Hugas Hugas Ating Kamay jingle. With Safeguard bars and liquid hand soap, you are guaranteed that your kids are safe from preventable diseases as it is clinically proven to provide long-lasting skin germ protection after hand washing. References: Unicef. Fast Facts And Figures About Handwashing. Retrieved from
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