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  • Safeguard™ Derma Sense Anti-Acne Face & Body Bar

    If you frequently get acne, Safeguard™ Derma Sense Anti-Acne Face & Body Bar soap could be the answer you’ve been looking for. It is clinically proven to provide a noticeable reduction in acne while ensuring professional skin-germ protection.

  • Safeguard™ Pure White Bar Soap

    Protect your family from the germs that cause 75% of all childhood illnesses with Safeguard™ Pure White bar soap—the doctor-recommended protection you trust, with the classic Safeguard™ fragrance you love.

  • Safeguard™ Floral Pink with Aloe Bar Soap

    With the combined fragrances of floral notes and aloe vera, Safeguard™ Floral Pink with Aloe bar soap provides the perfect balance of a refreshing clean that still removes 99% of germs.

  • Safeguard™ Fresh Green Bar Soap

    It’s never been more refreshing to be green. Safeguard™ Fresh Green bar soap takes cues from Mother Nature with a delightfully leafy scent that washes away odor and helps protect you from the 10 most common types of disease-causing germs.

  • Safeguard™ Classic Beige Bar Soap

    Safeguard™ Classic Beige bar soap has been washing away germs and odor for more than 40 years with its unmistakable beige clean scent. If you thought Safeguard™ was perfect the first time you used it, Safeguard™ Classic Beige bar soap is the perfect bar soap for you.

  • Safeguard™ Guava Leaves Fresh Bar Soap

    The warmth of the tropics comes to life with Safeguard™ Guava Leaves Fresh bar soap. With a sweet, nectar-inspired scent, you’ll wash away germs and odor while discovering the perfect way to enjoy the clean, natural scent of guava every day.

  • Safeguard™ Ivory White Care Bar Soap

    Crisp. Refreshing. Simple. Safeguard™ Ivory White Care bar soap washes away germs and odor with a perfect, clean scent your whole family will enjoy, all while protecting against 10 of the most common types of disease-causing germs.

  • Safeguard™ Active Deo Cool Blue Bar Soap

    The harder you work, the more you sweat—and that can cause body odor. Safeguard™ Active Deo Cool Blue bar soap is specially formulated with 12-hour Odor Shield protection to neutralize the germs that cause sweat odor.

  • Safeguard™ Ocean Fresh Bar Soap

    Safeguard for Men is designed to cleanse and reduce the re-growth of germs for 24 hours. Its sweat-activated odor shield perfume technology stays on your skin even after wash and releases more freshness with sweat contact. So you can feel energized in and after a shower!

  • Safeguard™ Cool Menthol Bar Soap

    Safeguard™ Cool Menthol bar soap combines unbeatable germ protection with a fresh burst of menthol fragrance. Protect your family against 10 common types of disease-causing germs with the soap that’s recommended by health experts worldwide.